When Should You Replace Your Windows?

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A home requires lots of maintenance — and the occasional home improvement project — to keep it in peak condition and maximize its value. The windows are one area that will require attention eventually. The average life expectancy of high-quality windows is 20-25 years, but as they approach that point, they start to lose their ability to keep your home comfortable. And worn windows can significantly reduce your property’s curb appeal.

6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

The following situations indicate that it’s likely time for new windows:

Leaking or Damaged Windows

Many homes have wood frames to hold their windows in place. Over time, the wood can begin to decay due to prolonged exposure to the elements or damage caused by termites or other pests. Cracked or deteriorating frames can allow moisture and condensation to accumulate between the panes. As the condition worsens, your windows may begin to leak whenever it rains.

Broken Window Frames

Broken window frames can pose a significant safety hazard. The frames may no longer be able to support the glass, which could cause the panes to fall out and shatter. Frames that are soft to the touch can also indicate weakening that can impact their structural integrity. You should replace damaged window frames as soon as possible to keep you and your family safe.

Can’t Open or Close Your Window

If you’re unable to open, close, or lock your windows, a shoddy installation job is likely to blame. Rotting or rusting that typically occurs over time can also make the windows harder to operate. If you can’t move the windows smoothly, it’s time to consider a window replacement.

Your Windows Are Drafty

Do you feel a draft around your windows even when they’re closed? The presence of a breeze can indicate weakening panes, gaps between the frame and the glass, leaky seals, and other issues. It can also signify a weather stripping issue.

Energy Bills Are Too High

Many older homes still have inefficient single-pane windows that provide poor insulation. The HVAC system has to work harder to keep these homes at a comfortable temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. Upgrading to double- or triple-pane windows can keep air from infiltrating or escaping your home, leading to lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

You Are Renovating Your Home

If you’re planning a major home improvement project, it’s the perfect time to consider a window replacement. Installing new windows can make your home more energy-efficient. And with the wide range of attractive styles available today, you can dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal and increase its resale value.

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