Do you love your home and want the best and highest quality siding for your home?! For a start we do siding installation, window installation and replacement, commercial doors, and commercial framing. Owned by Julian and Slyvester Erofeeff, these two make sure that quality will always beat quantity. As the business model to leave it better than you found it, and to make sure it is always done right. As we have specialized in siding and as you can see by our products we are more than capable to help. Over the time we have been perfecting our craft as we will do the siding or otherwise known as wall cladding. From wood, shingles, clapboards, drop siding, vertical boards, wooden sheet, plastic, insulated, and more as we will promise a job well done. We live to make you happy and to fulfill your siding needs.


How We Do Siding

We will show up on time every time and work till the job is done. Sometimes or even most of the time we will show up earlier than expected. Just to ensure that the job gets done. As we did 28TH & EVERETT as you can see we did a phenomenal job and made sure to keep it clean the whole time. Now that is only one of the many offers and jobs we can do just for you.


Retirement Housing. Supply and Install Complete Exterior Package. Siding, Windows, Doors, and Decks. As you can tell this job was also done to perfection and just looks amazing. As the job was done in Dallas, Oregon which shows where we are willing to work.



Youth Camp located over the beautiful banks of Devil’s Lake. With a multi-phased project. Constructed cabins, an amphitheater, kitchen, and gymnasium and more . We provided framing, siding, and finished work to perfection. Done in Otis, Oregon this finish looks different, but it also looks great. Finished back in July 2022 it has been very serviceable ever since.



This job was a wood siding job and looks just amazing done to perfection, the job was located in Tigard, Oregon back 2019. As the wood finish just looks like an incredible finish and product.


Nova Health

This project was located in Lebanon, Oregon and was done with siding, waterproof materials, waterproofing system, soffit/fascia, and waterproofing membrane. Finished back in November 2020 with a wood like look finish that just looks outstanding and overall great. As this finish has also been waterproofed which we could do to any home exceptionally well with our expert team.


Brighton Place Apartments

This job was located in Hillsboro, Oregon and finished back in May 2017. As we did the installation of siding, we waterproofed it, and installed soffit/facia. Seen as this job which was waterproofed and well taken care of, we could do that for any home commercial or residential. It doesn’t matter if we will take care of it for your needs.


Since we are located in the Oregon, and the Washington area we can can offer our high quality craft a work these areas

Portland, Oregan
Willamette Valley
Eugene, Oregon
Oregon Coast
And around the Washington Oregon areas

As we do work to fit your siding, window, and trim needs for your home or project. Our crew of workers are more than qualified to get it done for you.

We install our siding piece by piece at your home or rental or even project you have. We do the flashing then install the siding of your choice to top quality. As we will do it great while we are looking great at the same time. Keeping our job site clean and tidy while we do our job at all times every time. In the past Gracepoint would focus on working to make you happy and do a great job. But now times change and we are focused to do the best job possibly down to the smallest detail just to make you happy.

Now Gracepoint contracting also does these fields of work windows, painting, railings, decks, and more. All our products and qualities are all gonna be top tier and an incredible finish. From windows to paintings we will be perfect as perfect can get. Always in the end we want to put a smile on your face and are looking forward to making you the homeowner happy.

We also as a company will remodel your home to make it look brand new and make you happy and love your new home look and feel.

Open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 Am till 5:00 Pm, we can answer any question you have. Contact us phone (503) 902-0162 email please contact us for any questions as we can help you out with your home needs.

Our Mission For Your Home

Other siding and window companies will do a bad job on your home or project but here at gracepoint we are here to do the best job to the highest quality . But always in the end you the homeowner are the mission just to make you happy and love the way your home looks.


Finishing work

The finishing work we do includes caulking, touch up, and more. If we install siding, windows, or doors we will also touch it up and make it look perfect and pretty. The installation includes caulking with windows, siding, and doors which will be done to the best possible standard. As I’ve said many times we strive for perfection and to make your home look perfect. With touch up we have to make sure your home looks nice so if the siding gets scratched or damaged, or even simply if the paint on there gets scratched off we will touch it up with paint to make it look perfect.
So if anything I just said wasn’t enough to convince you to choose Gracepoint for your home needs which I guarantee it should be please contact us today.