Grace Point Contracting is a small business, and yes, a relatively new one. We were founded in 2015 and since then we have become one of the biggest siding experts in Oregon. With being such a young company one of the driving factors that has helped us to see such success in less than a decade is the reputation and trust we have built with our clients. Building that trust did not come easily but was the effect of consistent effort to provide high value service to everyone, and a finished product that sells itself.

Jeni Nguyen

“I can’t say enough good things about this company, the team at Grace Point Contracting give you a 110% right from the get go, to closing of the project. Highly recommend!”

Ivan Egoroff

“Highly recommend this company! Definitely a company that you can trust that will show up, work hard, and put quality work in all around. Thank you so much for all that you did for our school… Holy Trinity Private School.
We appreciate you very much!”

Melony Sherbacovv

“These guys are great! They are one of our supporters at the Holy Trinity School in Silverton, Or. that made our dream of opening up a school for our kids a reality!!! They are prompt, hard working good people that will get the job done and will go beyond that!!! Thank you for all that you have done for our school! Your awesome!!!”

Daniel Martishev

“Great Company to work with, Julian and Sly make sure their crews are highly trained and up to date with all the new codes!! Highly Recommend!!”

Daniel Erofeeff

“I have worked with Grace Point on 3 different projects to date! They have always went over above and beyond on all of them. The communication, quality and expertise has been second to none. Don’t hesitate to give them a shot!”

Eowan Semerikov

“Always prompt, courteous and professional!
Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.”

When looking for a siding install, or a siding reinstall it is important where you go. Choosing the wrong place can be a headache and it can mean that you would have to go to a couple different places to get a job done that could have been done once and quickly if you had just gone to the right place from the get-go, so help us help you and go the right place from the get go.

Lazar Kutsev

“I have worked with Julian and Sly for years. They supplied and installed the siding on my personal home. They were very fast and efficient. I highly recommend using Grace Point for your Exterior needs.”

Jeni Nguyen

“Love the siding!!! Love the doors!!! They keep it clean and will take care of your needs”

What Grace Point Contracting is most focused on is making sure our customers have a seamless and overall amazing experience, we want you to be able to walk away and say wow what an awesome company, I love these guys. Because we know how important it is to make sure that every individual feels heard and understood, and not just when we get the work or the paycheck, but throughout the entire experience.

Tanya Erofeeff

“The Grace Point team did a thorough job on fixing the siding on our house! We asked them to replace and repair old shingles that were south facing. Julien was friendly and easy to talk to. A great experience overall. Would definitely recommend to friends or hire them again for future work!”

Alex Semerikov

“Wonderful company to work with from start to finish. Can’t recommend them enough!”
Giving to the community. Helping the community is something that the people here at Grace Point Contracting are all about. Whether that’s providing the high-quality service the company was made to do or helping another small business or charity in need.

Klaudia Semerikov

“Amazing customer service! Great people to work with. Helped support our school in need and are so greatful for there amazing work 🙌”

Eva Frolov

“Outstanding company with a huge heart! Grace Point is fast, efficient, and easy to contact! They went over, above and beyond our wildest dreams to help us finish the remodel of our school. They played a vital part in making a miracle happen which was the opening of our beloved Holy Trinity Private School. Thank you and we hope God blesses you in business further than your eyes can see!”

One thing that sets Grace Point apart from the pack is the knowledge and professionalism the company and the crews possess. The owners Julian and Sly take great pains to make sure their crews are highly trained, and they also equip their guys with the most premium of tools to ensure that they can tackle any situation.

Creative Electric LLC

“Very professional and knowledgeable, it’s amazing how they operate!! Would recommend to anybody!”

Larry Semerikov

“These guys are great, Very Professional, and they’re very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.”

Katerina Cam

“BEST PLACE FOR SIDING INSTALLATION. They came and the products they provided were of phenomenal price for the value the provide. MUST USE FOR SIDING REPLACEMENT”

Kal Kutsev

The Grace Point team did a thorough job on fixing the siding on our house! We asked them to replace and repair old shingles that were south facing. Julien was friendly and easy to talk to. A great experience overall. Would definitely recommend to friends or hire them again for future work!

Rafael Semerikov

“Grace Point is awesome!”

Penny Martushev

“Good job and a timely response. Thank you”

Quality and speed are two factors that help us crush our clients’ expectations and it also helps us stay ahead of the curve, they are necessary elements that have helped us create the premium brand at grace point. In summary the systems we have set up are designed to ensure everything is ready and nothing will impede the schedule, which is a win for us and a win for you, and a win for the project. Quality is King, Speed is the Queen.